Turn a Snowblower Into a Wood Hauler

If you burn a lot of firewood, you’ll appreciate this wood hauler Kevin Bledsoe of Adrian, Michigan, built from an old Sears Craftsman walk-behind snowblower.

He unbolted the blower and auger from the snowblower, and then mounted a small child’s wagon in their place. The wagon rides on a single caster wheel and is supported by a frame made from 1-inch square tubing and flat steel, which bolts onto the snowblower housing. The caster wheel is off of a zero-turn riding mower.

“I use it to haul firewood about 100 yards from a woodpile to my house, which is uphill all the way. It works like a motorized wheelbarrow and saves a lot of work,” says Bledsoe. “The snowblower’s big lugged wheels provide great traction, even in deep snow, and the swivel wheel makes the wagon easy to steer.”

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