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Bird Feeding Tips to Help Birds Survive Winter

Photos by Mary Murray at Windy Meadows Farm A strong wind is circling around the barns and farmhouse, blowing snow and creating drifts that are knee-deep. Even though the sun is brightly shining, it does very little to chase away the bitter cold. Our local forecast for one day next week: a ...

Farmer’s Advice for Surviving Seasonal Affective Disorder

It happens every year for me and a lot of other people, too. SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, occurs in the deep winter months and is more due to lack of sunshine than the colder weather. Those who suffer from this disorder during the shorter days of winter usually feel lethargic, ...


Ice Calculations and Safety

Every season brings its own blessings, and trials, and winter is no different. Here in Michigan and other parts of the frozen Midwest, being on the ice offers its own share of pleasures…and dangers. So many folks partake in ice fishing, ice skating, etc. without really understanding the ...

ATV and UTV Turned Snowplow

-Advertisement- ATV/UTV Turned Snowplow By Oscar "Hank" Will III Sponsored by Moose Utility Division Whether you live in town, on a modest acreage, or on an expansive ranch, the modern ATV/UTV is every bit as much a workhorse as it is a recreational ride. And while many folks ...

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