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Mini-Greenhouse: Protecting Winter Greens in our Desert Garden

Winter is coming on here at our Arizona desert homestead and, even though the temperatures are dropping, we still look forward to eating fresh kale, chard, escarole, lettuce, and other fresh hardy produce all winter long with the aid of a mini-hoop house. Don’t be misled by the fact that ...

Greenhouse Alternatives for Crop Protection

Jerome Osentowski, director and founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, shows how to design and build successful greenhouse projects in The Forest Garden Greenhouse (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2015). Learn how to use passive and active solar heating strategies to create ...

DIY Principles for a Passive Solar Greenhouse

For 15 years now, I’ve had food year-round,” says Penn Parmenter. Standing in expansive productive gardens of her 8,000-foot-elevation Westcliffe, Colorado, homestead, we’re talking about the 6 feet of topsoil endemic to the fertile Wet Mountain Valley. We’re talking about ...


Growing Veggies in Fall and Winter

For years we’ve been planting our vegetable garden in spring and summer, enjoying the bounty until it runs out or the plants die with the first frosts of fall. We’ve used mulch and row cover to extend the harvest a bit, but we’ve never had anything fresh from the garden past ...

Small Garden Greenhouse: Part 2

Composite Illustrations by Nate Skow In the first installment of this project, I covered the greenhouse’s general design, and the base and end wall construction. Plenty of work is still required to complete your greenhouse, so let’s get started. I have arbitrarily assigned the taller ...

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