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5 Essential Cost Savers to Boost Home Self-Reliance

The road to a more self-reliant lifestyle is a journey and if you are like me, you feel that although you may never reach 100% self-sufficiency, you will strive to become more so each day, month and year.  Here are some suggestions for things to help you along to becoming a more ...

What You Should Know Before Planting Fruit Trees

  Growing your own food is a fulfilling and delicious process. Having fruit trees means that you have the opportunity to enjoy fresh, sweet fruit during harvest time and then throughout the year, assuming you can or jelly your fruits for later. Planting fruit trees can be a relatively ...


Growing Peaches

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who swoon over the aroma and flavor of a ripe peach and those who have never tasted one. A lot of people don't even realize they've never actually tasted a ripe peach. The peaches you buy in the supermarket have often been picked green, shipped, ...


Growing Pear Trees

The classic pear has a well-deserved reputation for luscious, even decadent sophistication. Where its close cousin the apple has traditionally been a work-a-day, everyman lunchbox fruit, the pear is aristocratic and refined. In grade school the teacher’s pet may have bought favor with a shiny ...

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