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Family Dogs

I was a junior in college when I purchased my first dog. I say first — we always had dogs growing up, and I even purchased a bird dog at one point who wasn’t much of a hunter. She was nowhere close to as good as my brother’s German shorthaired pointer, Kate. But Cali, a golden retriever ...


Integrating Chickens, Dogs and Cats

We have three dogs, two Dachshunds and one Chocolate Lab, and they have three extremely different personalities. So, when we decided to begin the adventure of backyard chickens, one of the first questions my wife asked was, “How are we going to introduce the dogs to the chickens?” and my ...

Herding Sheep

All About Herding Dogs

Following the Roman invasion of Celtic Britain in 55 B.C., the Romans introduced livestock-tending dogs to the British Isles. In subsequent years, Celtic clans bred their own varieties of these dogs, later known as breeds such as Highland and Scotch Collies and Welsh Sheepdogs. As time ...

How to Know When to Call the Vet

“Doc, I think my dog Chico is hurt. Can you come over?” I reluctantly rolled out from under the steamy covers and collected my thoughts. Probably Chico was fine, maybe he had a sprain or strain, or was suffering from the beginnings of arthritis. “Give him an aspirin and call me in the ...

Livestock Guardian Donkeys

  Photo by Pixabay/WenPhotos Donkeys as Livestock Guardians On guard! Some of you probably picked up this book because you’re thinking about getting a livestock guardian for your sheep, goats, alpacas, Miniature horses or donkeys, or some other type of small livestock. You’re ...


How to Keep Farm Dogs Safe

It’s tough to imagine life out here without a dog or three around the place, but even in the country you’ll want to take care that your canine companions, whether working partners or pure pets, can live a relatively safe and happy life. The farm seems like an ideal location for dogs to live ...

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