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Honey-Infused Beverage Recipes

As beekeepers and honey lovers, my family and I are always looking for ways to use honey in our kitchen. We bake with it, cook with it, and eat it by the spoonful. Lately, we’ve also discovered a whole menu of beverages that can be made with honey, and we’re loving the results. Using ...


Beekeeping for Beginners: Common-Sense Guide to Bee Safety

Apiphobes … we all know one. Someone who is terrified of bees, who sees a bee and cannot contain his fear. Maybe he truly is allergic, or maybe, like a friend of mine, he was just trained from a young age to be afraid. Most of us (except perhaps those raised by beekeepers) have been ...


Guide to Beekeeping: Bees’ Rules

The Backyard Beekeeper: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden (Quarry Press, 2018), by Kim Flottum gives expert advice to beekeepers of all skill levels, including those just beginning to participate in this increasingly popular hobby. The following excerpt is ...


Nutrition and Health Benefits of Honey

Folks have been consuming honey for thousands of years. In fact, for many of those thousands of years, it was the only significant source of relatively concentrated energy in the form of sugar. No wonder the stuff was once considered to be a gift from the gods and to convey supernatural ...

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Mine Your Own Beeswax

If you’re into bees, whether you keep one hive or a thousand, you know that the wish list of equipment can seem endless — and expensive. Some items are an absolute must, such as hive bodies, frames, a hive tool, and, most would argue, a smoker and a veil. On the other hand, items for ...


Homemade Beeswax Candles

In Welcome to the Farm: How-to Wisdom from The Elliott Homestead, Shaye Elliot teaches readers how they can live a homestead lifestyle without a farm. In this fully illustrated how-to, Elliot shows readers how to harvest their own vegetables, milk a dairy cow, can jams and jellies, and more! ...

Catch and Keep Wild Bees

Beekeeping begins with the bees. Everyone wants to start off strong with new bees that are healthy, productive, and resilient. But are you sure that's what you're getting? Most of the bees sold commercially are mass-produced under highly unnatural conditions. The queen bee is fed sugar syrup to ...

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