Breed Landing Page
Violet Kindraby 
The GRIT staff has taken great joy in assembling breed guides
for the following livestock groups. We hope they will make
choosing (or dreaming about) your future herd or flock
easier and more fun.
Hogs GRIT’s Guide to Pigs
This hog guide will help you select the best swine for your farm.
Cattle A Field Guide to Heritage Cattle
Read this and you soon may have a cow – and a hand in keeping livestock history alive.
Chickens Perfect Chickens
A nitty GRIT-y guide to heritage breeds.
Alpaca Keeping Camelids Close
Alpacas and llamas are more than the perfect pet.
Horses Horses of Different Colors
GRIT's guide to 16 noteworthy breeds.
Sheep Guide to Sheep Breeds
GRIT helps ewe choose
Goats Get Your Goat
GRIT helps you choose the right breed.