Episode 26: Pig Roasting and Homemade Ice Cream

By Staff

In this episode of Tough GRIT, two contestants compete to prepare an open pit pig roast and make homemade ice cream.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to roast a pig over an open pit and move beyond a charcoal or gas grill. Or even searching for that delicious homemade ice cream churning recipe that’ll quench all your summer cravings. Or maybe want to plan the perfect barn party hoedown but it’s just a little bit out of your control. In this episode of Tough GRIT, we give you all the tips, techniques, and celebrating know-how you need to make your hoedown or barn party a big success for all of your guests while still being fun for you while two neighbors showdown for the hoedown to win up to $1000 to Tractor Supply Company.

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