Supergrain Gluten Free Hero Quinoa to the Rescue

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I just bought a box of Quinoa (pronounced “Keen Wa”) and I just found out some new and interesting facts and uses for this superhero grain!

First, if you don’t know what Quinoa is, when it’s cooked, it almost resembles oatmeal, and is similar in consistency when you eat it, except quinoa doesn’t feel as heavy in your body, and doesn’t have that sticky taste, (taste is a lot different) but it is a grain and it helps fuel you, because it is a complete protein. Quinoa is used in many different recipes and foods, it is too hard to name them all. Some use it on sandwiches, salads, and I just found out that quinoa can be turned into flakes and used as a cereal as well as in smoothies to add thickness, it can be used to coat fish or anything you need breadcrumbs for. It can really be used however you like it, because after all it is your food. Quinoa is relatively good priced. I wouldn’t say cheap, and it is definitely more than oatmeal. I got a box of Quinoa flakes, with the recipes and some of this new info I am passing on to you, for about $7 from If you click on this link, I won’t lie, it will help me out financially if you join, but I am only working with Thrive Market because they believe in healthy food and their mission is the same as mine. They give to those in need and they want everyone to have access to healthy whole foods, at good prices. 

This box should last me at least a week or two, but that is only if I eat it every day. It could last me up to a month or longer. It is non gmo and it only has the one ingredient: quinoa.

The big attraction for me was that it was gluten free. I discovered it at a whole foods cooperative across the country last year when I was living hotel to hotel and it was pretty easy to cook in a microwave when I tried a little from bulk and fell in love. However, I haven’t done the dry, bean like texture of the quinoa since I found the flakes. The flakes are basically just cooked down quinoa with water and then dried out. They are easier for me to digest. I like things like oatmeal and quinoa because of their fiber, and protein content as well as the fact that they’re easy to cook and very versatile. I am so blessed with these wonderful people in the health food stores who have taught me things, the writers and fellow wellness warriors who have written and made me more knowledge thirsty. The fact that God gives me wisdom and good people around me is priceless. I’ve decided to finally take my passion for healthy, uninhibited joyful, clean, active living and turn that into my purpose and start making more recipes, trying new things once again. I do this to give you as much feedback on my health and how God has healed me through healthy eating, living my dream — writing and ministering — basically helping and loving people. Because I want everyone out there to know how precious you are and how loved you are, by God and by me, and that you should love yourself and treat yourself well. Put good things in your body and treat yourself and others well. BE the change you wish to see in the world! Thank you!

Photo by Fotolia/lecic