Save Money on Groceries

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Save money when you buy the children's snacks in bulk.
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Bulk produce will save you money.
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Have the children help you shop for natural foods or in the bulk foods aisle.

For Earth Month
this April, the Bulk is Green Council, a non-profit advocacy group that spreads
awareness about the environmental and economical benefits of shopping in the
bulk foods section, offers these five easy ways to “Go Green” at the grocery

? Reduce waste. Buy just the amount you need.
Whether it’s a pound or a pinch, put a stomp on food waste by buying just the
amount you’ll use. Pay attention to the amount you select (or scoop, in the
bulk foods section) when experimenting with a new spice in your favorite
spaghetti sauce recipe or stocking up on trail mix for children’s lunches.
Overdoing it only means you’ll pay, literally, the next time you rid your
cupboard of outdated food.

? Reuse it and get rewarded. Bring your own
bags and containers.
Whole Foods and top supermarket chains praise (and
sometimes pay) shoppers who use their own bags. Invest in glass Tupperware or
give that empty cottage cheese container a second use by filling it with brown
rice from the bulk foods section or a quinoa salad from the deli counter. Just
ask the cashier to weigh your container ahead of time. While you’re at it, BYOB
(bring your own bag). If you must go with single-use, opt for paper.

? Buy natural and organic, whenever possible.
Not only are the pesticides and synthetic chemicals used in non-natural and
non-organic foods often toxic to our health – they’ve been linked to cancer and
other diseases – they’re bad for the environment. Tainted runoff from
conventional farms washes into rivers and lakes, which contaminates waterways
and threatens wildlife. Plus, the added benefits of buying natural and organic
don’t have to mean added costs. By buying natural and organic in the bulk foods
section of the grocery store, shoppers can pay 30 percent to 96 percent less on
their grocery bill.

? Make it a one-shop stop. Save gas, time
and the environment by picking up all your groceries in one efficient trip.
Visit your local all-in-one supermarket, or consider cooking recipes made
almost entirely with ingredients from one section of the grocery store, such as
the bulk foods aisle, to save time.

? Turn the shopping over to the children.
Get your little ones excited about being green by allowing them to select natural,
organic or Fair Trade treats and snacks themselves. Be it in the natural foods
section or the bulk foods aisle, they’ll enjoy the freedom and you’ll enjoy
getting healthy and eco-friendly food into the grocery cart without a fight.