Vegan Gluten Free Potato Salad

Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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“Green mayo?” OF COURSE it doesn’t sound good, and the thought of a green mayo isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. However, Dr. Seuss comes to mind: “Green Eggs and Ham” anyone? Haha, I thought “I’ll try this and start preparing for St. Patrick’s day. When everyone else is drinking green beer, I can help people become healthier with my green food!” So, I thank God I am able to share this with you. I hope you love it as I do and I hope you will comment and share feedback, information that could possibly contribute to our community’s health, as well as recipes. Thanks so much!

Have these ingredients:

Potatoes (preferably organic)

Ripe avocado (again, organic is best)

Bragg’s Nutritional Yeast

Total time spent making this recipe: 30-45 minutes MAX depending on how many potatoes you’re cooking.

Cook potatoes (with or without skin) to about the consistency of a baked potato. It’s preferable to boil them (Microwaves are bad for your blood, and I’ll post an article on that asap) but a microwave was all I had, so I put it on high for about 3 minutes for each extra large potato.

Break the avocado and remove the skin and huge seed in the middle. (Unless you find a way to use that! Please let me know if you do! If edible, probably packs a lot of fiber!)

Wait for the potatoes to cool, and in a separate bowl, mix 1 small/medium avocado with 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast for each extra large potato. You can’t forget the best part! Mix the “mayo” (yeast and avocado) with the potatoes and say “goodbye” (or share to show you care!). You can put anything on it that you’d like, it’s your potato salad (and your stomach). Mine hasn’t made it to a fridge yet, I just make what I will eat for the day, but you should refrigerate, although I’m sure you know that!

I don’t have a fridge, but I wanted something simpler, with less ingredients. But the BEST thing would be if not only did I have a tasty alternative to my old way of life, but something that could actually fuel my mind and body, not just make my food taste good or create fillers. I want my body to run like a well oiled machine because I am an athlete. I hope all you athletes, or would-be athletes feel the same way! I appreciate you, thank you!

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