The Liquor Store Heist

Reader Contribution by Lisa Doucette
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I have not been in a liquor store in 10 years.

But a few days ago I HAD to go in the liquor store.

I found a recipe online for vanilla extract.

I have vanilla beans coming out of the ying yang, so I thought I’d try my hand at making homemade vanilla extract.

But the main ingredient was alcohol. Not rubbing alcohol, but the good ole-fashioned drinking kind of alcohol.

For those of you who are new to my blog, my family and I are Wesleyans. So that means that we abstain from partaking in alcoholic beverages.

We’ve been part of the Wesleyan faith for 10 years now, so that means we haven’t touched a drop of alcohol or been in a liquor store in 10 years. (With the exception of a few years ago, when I had to go buy my FIL a 3 litre of whiskey. Obviously, he’s not a part of the Wesleyan faith!)

So Thursday night I went into the liquor store. They must have thought me nuts. I was walking around with an empty shopping cart looking lost until the cashier asked if I needed help. (The shopping cart was because I had been in the grocery store that is attached to the liquor store, not because I was planning to buy them out!)

So she asked if I needed help, thank goodness!

She showed me the various sizes and types of vodka. My goodness! There’s a whole bunch of different kinds now!

So I stuck to ole faithful (what I used to get when I did partake!) – Absolut!

I just got a small bottle. Not the tiny little ones, but the next one up.

So from what I gather, this is the recipe to make vanilla extract.

Take 5 vanilla beans and cut lengthwise.
Put in one cup of vodka or another alcohol of choice.
Shake and let sit for 8 weeks or so.
Shake every week.

VOILA! Vanilla Extract! I’ll let you know how it tastes in 8 weeks.

I saved the vodka bottle so I can transfer the vanilla back to it, when it’s done. Just to freak people out! Hee hee!

Have a Blessed Day.


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