Jay Wro’s Healthy Delicious Vegan Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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Jay Wro — Jason Wrobel — is the best chef I’ve ever seen. I do this blog out of gratitude for Jason. Jason’s Vegan Mac and Cheese recipe is much healthier and more delicious than mine. It’s another one of my core values — simplicity. Less is more. It’s made with spaghetti squash — nature’s noodles as Jason says!

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Jason’s more than a fun, smart, gluten free vegan. He’s a wise, talented, strong business man who knows how to thrive — it’s helping others conquer the way he has. Jason’s victories over his battles in the past such as depression are empowering and enlightening. Jay Wro knows what’s important in life. It’s people. People are his priority — that’s where he and I intersect the most. I too have battled with depression and suicide attempts among many other demons such as drugs and alcohol. That’s why I fought cancer during my Masters in Seminary to stay alive — I want to empower others to realize they’re no longer imprisoned. We can be free the moment we realize we already are.

People are our most precious commodity. By watching Jason, I feel less alone. I love his food and his bold “no apologies this is me and I’m happy whether you approve or not” style. Jason, your courage never fails to encourage and empower me. Sometimes you bring me to tears with your fearless transparency, strength and determination. Your spirit makes mine soar to the heights I know I can! You’re like my gas can. This Mustang refuels and recharges in YOU!

Much love Jason. I appreciate you!

Thanks for your support for myself and for Jason everyone! Praying for you all!

Liberty V Justice

No period in “V” because my victories never end, and yours don’t have to either!

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