5 Easy Steps to Raw Vegan Paleo Gluten Free Fudge

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Easiest fudge recipe ever! This recipe is Vegan, raw, Paleo and Gluten free! It’s a pretty good bet for MOST allergy sufferers.

(I use all organic/non gmo products as well, but it’s not necessary, also it doesn’t make a huge cost difference if you do go non gmo)

Step 1: Have these 3 ingredients:

Cacao Powder (Anywhere from 4-8 tablespoons, as chocolatey as you like it)

Coconut Oil (1/4 Cup)

Nut butter of your choice (1 Cup) (I love Almond Butter or Peanut Butter, Almond my first choice because it’s the healthiest)

Step 2: Mix three ingredients until thoroughly combined and there’s no powder or chunks of oil present.

Step 3: Put in freezer (or cold area. I put mine in my garage, because I don’t have a refrigerator.)

Step 4: ENJOY! (I sometimes eat it without freezing … VERY TASTY Either way you slice it (or if you eat it with a spoon because you’re too impatient to wait to slice and eat. hehe) On that note, who cares what the food looks like? My stomach doesn’t care about presentation. It just says “Feed me Seymore!” “Me want chocolate!” haha

Optional (But VERY hard) 5th step: SHARE! (This is the hardest part, but it also has the best pay off! Your family, friends, coworkers, postal workers, etc will be very grateful and you’ll be giving the gift of excellent health. It’s great for Christmas and birthday gifts, or to bring to dinner for dessert!) Please let me know what y’all think! Please send me your own recipes! Anything you think is delicious, I love food and so do my readers! Thanks!

Photo by Fotolia/MSPhotographic