Peach Salsa

Reader Contribution by Connie Moore
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Last week vendors at our local farmers market still had locally grown yellow and a limited supply of white peaches. I hadn’t seen white peaches since I was a teenager. Said to have a milder flavor, they are still tasty. We canned peaches, ate fresh peaches, and baked a double peach-oat crisp.

For a sweet and spicy salsa, we combined fresh diced peaches with favorite red and yellow tomatoes, onion, garlic, a bit of jalapeno pepper, some green pepper, some fresh cilantro, and a spoonful of vinegar.

We didn’t measure but simply tasted as we put it together. Served with tortilla chips or mixed into a can of drained tuna, it was refreshing to say the least.

Sweet corn was still abundant. Picked fresh Thursday mornings, vendors indicated it will be around for a few more weeks. We froze corn, ate fresh corn on the cob, and cut it off the cob to fry in butter.

Lettuces, cabbage, onions, zucchini, and yellow squash are all still coming on strong in the gardens. If you’re tired of sandwiches, try wrapping the filling in large lettuce leaves. Cabbage is great steamed, fried, or shredded for coleslaw. Wrap a meat and rice filling in cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls — a great meal for the cooler weather creeping in on us. And of course, zucchini can be shredded and froze for later use in the all-popular zucchini bread.

Between the market produce and end of the year veggies from our gardens, we are eating fresh, wonderfully tasty dishes this week.

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