Making Cheese

I love feta I love cheese, but especially feta. However, as of late, I cannot fit it into the budget. A few weeks ago, I got a bug to try my hand at cheese. Boy did that bug bite, and bite hard. I became hooked! I made farmer’s cheese, ricotta cheese (from the whey) and cheddar. Finally, I tried feta.

The first batch was a bit softer than it should have been, because I actually forgot about it and left the cheese in the brine too long. It was still good. The second batch was PERFECT and my feta cravings have been met. I even made a marinated mix of feta, black olives, dried tomatoes (which I also made) and fresh herbs in a mix of canola and olive oils, similar to a mix I used to purchase but have not been able to find for a few years. I have a few little tweeks, but for the most part, again my cravings have been met.

So what kind of cheese will be next? Who knows. But I guarantee there will be more, including more feta.

Fresh Feta

Marinated Feta

Published on Oct 11, 2013

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