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GRIT magazine and Tractor Supply present the only television show in which two rural neighbors compete for honors and prizes using their country skills. Hosted by GRIT Managing Editor Caleb Regan and Topeka Civic Theatre Artistic Director Shannon Reilly, with appearances by GRIT Editor in Chief Hank Will, Tough GRIT is a 30-minute show that combines expert information with humor to help viewers complete common rural-based DIY projects correctly and safely. To demonstrate the projects, contestants from Team GRIT and Team Tractor Supply compete in hands-on challenges to win up to $1,000 in Tractor Supply gift cards. Don’t miss our collection of full episodes and hints from Hank below.

Hank’s Hints


1. Grass Growing Hints

2. Choosing the Best Wood for Burning

3. Tips for Seasoning Wood

4. The Kiwi Brace

5. Safe Towing: Trailer Load Security

6. Avoiding Creosote Buildup

7. An Introduction to Welding

8. Tractor Attachments

9. Tips for the New Horse Owner

10. Inspect and Mend Farm Fencing

11. How to Exercise Your Dog

12. Tractor Maintenance Tips

13. How to Attract Birds with Birdbaths

14. Understand Your Cattle’s Flight Zone

15. Starting Seeds Indoors

16. Adjusting the Brooder Temperature

17. Soil Contact When Transplanting

18. Read the Label on Pesticides

19. Prepare a Space for a Deer Feeder

20. Sheep Herding Tips

21. How to Make Hay Into Winter Feed

22. How to Keep Farm Dogs Safe

23. What to Do with Grass Clippings

24. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

25. Benefits of Shelterbelts

26. Grilling with Wood Chunks

Full Episodes


1. The Grass is Always Greener
Two contestants go head-to-head to see
who can aerate and seed their lawn the


2. If a Tree Falls in the Forest
A pair of would be lumberjacks compete to
see who can bring down a tree on target.

3. The Buck Stops Here
See who can split more firewood and win the
cash on this episode.

4. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Two strong women battle to build beefy
braces and hang level gates.

5. Got a Hitch in Your Get Along?
Who can hitch their trailer and back up
straightest, a husband or his wife?

6. Where There’s Smoke…
Two DIYers tackle each other in a “heated”
battle as they see who can install a wood-
burning stove the quickest.

7. Men of Steel
Armed with flames, a dynamic duo dual to
see who can weld the best.

8. Leveling the Playing Field
A pair of country contestants climb aboard
Kubota tractors and race to fix roads and
mow pastures.

9. Back in the Saddle Again
Which woman will muck her stall and saddle
up her horse the speediest?

10. You’d Best Mend Your Ways
Watch and learn as contestants see who
can mend fences faster and install an
automated gate fastest.

11. Man’s Best Friend
Who builds the best doghouse and kennel
and wins the cash?

12. Reach for the Sky!
Two rural neighbors compete against each
other to see who can best clean and grease
their tractor first.

13. The Birds and the Trees
Learn which bird loving lady will wing their
way to a victory in our bird habitat challenge.

14. Rawhide
See which cowpoke can wrangle their dogies
through the chute and into the trailer to take
home the top prize.

15. Green Thumbs
Contestants till their gardens and set up
perimeter fence in a race to see who can take
home the $1000 gift card from Tractor Supply.

16. Don’t Count Your Chickens
Two 4-H Youth determine the pecking order
by building a brooder for their chicks and a
hutch for their rabbits.

17. You Reap What You Sow
A husband and wife get down and dirty
planting and watering their garden in this

18. Lowering the Boom
See who sprays their way to a victory when
two contestants use hand and boom sprayers
to eradicate weeds from their lawn and field.

19. Over the River and Through the Woods
It’s “mulch” ado about nothing as these bro-
in-laws clear a food plot and use the brush to
create beneficial mulch.

20. Baa, Baa Black Sheep
Find out which FFA member can bag a victory
by herding and sheering their sheep.

21. Hay Fever
There’s nothing to sneeze at when two
strapping lads buck some bales and battle to
see who can get their hay to the barn.

22. Red Rover, Red Rover
The dog days are upon these two contestants
who have to install a pet door and
underground pet barrier. With special guest
Rolo the Wonder Dog.

23. Cutting Corners
A couple of turf guys experience “mowing
pains” as they chop it up and maneuver their
Cub Cadet zero turn mowers to a dramatic

24. Suits You to a ‘T’
A couple of country boys are put to the test
pounding T-posts and stringing barbed wire.

25. Hedging Your Bets
Prepare to be blown away watching these
contestants rip through yard chore challenges
of leaf cleanup, hedge trimming and tree

26. Do-Si-Do
It’s a showdown at the hoedown! These gutsy
contestants battle it out by roasting a hog over
an open pit and churning out delicious
homemade ice cream. Special musical guests
County Road 5.

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