Tough GRIT Episode 23: Cutting Corners

By Staff

Tough GRIT Episode 23: Cutting Corners

A couple of turf guys experience “mowing  pains” as they chop it up with walk behind mowers and maneuver their Cub Cadet zero turn mowers into a dramatic finale.

Maybe you’re saddled with a huge area to mow and a tiny push mower or outdated lawn tractor to do the job. Maybe you have lots of landscaping that could use a closer cut so you don’t have to use a hand held trimmer for hours on end. Or perhaps you just want to ride around on one of the coolest looking pieces of lawn machinery out there and watch your neighbors drool with envy. In this episode of Tough GRIT, we’ll show you how to get your mowing jobs done right the first time, as well as some tips in maintenance for your walk behind mower or your zero turn radius mower while two contestants compete for up to $1000 to Tractor Supply Company.

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