What You Need to Know About Planting a Tree

Learn the basics of planting a tree, whether for shade or shelter or just landscape beautification.

| June 2013

  • Planting-A-Tree
    Planting a tree can be a significant investment, both in money and time.
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  • Self-Sufficiency
    Find a complete guide to living simply and sustainably in “Self-Sufficiency.”
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  • Planting-A-Tree
  • Self-Sufficiency

You will find a complete guide to living a simpler, more sustainable life in Self-Sufficiency (Skyhorse Publishing, 2010). Author Abigail R. Gehring offers practical advice as well as step-by-step instructions on hundreds of self-sufficient projects. In this excerpt taken from part one, “The Family Garden,” find what you need to know about planting a tree. 

You can purchase this book from the GRIT store: Self-Sufficiency.

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Trees in your yard can become home to many different types of wildlife. Planting a tree also reduces your cooling costs by providing shade, help clean the air, add beauty and color, provide shelter from the wind and the sun, and add value to your home.

Choosing a tree

Choosing a tree should be a well thought-out decision. Planting a tree can be a significant investment, both in money and time. Selecting the proper tree for your yard can provide you with years of enjoyment, as well as significantly increasing the value of your property. However, a tree that is inappropriate for your property can be a constant maintenance problem, or even a danger to your and others’ safety. Before you decide to purchase a tree, take advantage of the many references on gardening at local libraries, universities, arboretums, native plant and gardening clubs, and nurseries. Some questions to consider in selecting a tree include:

1. What purpose will this tree serve?
Trees can serve numerous landscape functions, including beautification, screening of sights and sounds, shade and energy conservation, and wildlife habitat.

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