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Now more than ever, people across the country are turning toward simpler, greener and quieter ways of living … whether they're urbanites or country folk. This large, fully illustrated book provides the entire family with the information they need to make the shift toward self-sufficient living.

Self-Sufficiency provides tips, advice, and detailed instructions on how to improve everyday life from an environmental and organic perspective while keeping the focus on the family. Readers will learn how to plant a family garden and harvest the produce, can fruits and vegetables, bake bread and cookies, and boil sap to make maple syrup. They'll discover how to design interactive and engaging green projects, harness natural wind and solar energy to cook food and warm their homes, and build everything from treehouses to furniture. Also included are natural crafts readers can do with their kids, such as scrapbooking, making potato prints, dipping candles and constructing seasonal decorations. Whether the goal is to live entirely off the grid or just to shrink their carbon footprints, families will find this book a thorough resource and a great inspiration.


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