Festive Flowering Houseplants

By Logee's
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Logee's offers a Blooming Stephanotis Ring for the holidays.
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An unusual gift from Logee's is a White Bat Flower.
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Logee's offers a Red Antherium on a blessed volcanic rock.
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Logee's offers the rare Tillandsia 'Belize Bulbosa'.

The weather outside may not be frightful, as that familiar Christmas song goes, but it sure is getting cold out there. The vegetable garden is history, and the perennial plants in the yard have gone to bed long ago.

During the holiday season and throughout the winter months when it’s cold and dreary outside, nothing brightens up indoor spaces like exotic flowering plants. Logee’s Tropical Plants offers exotic indoor plants and out-of-the-ordinary gifts that are perfect for anyone who appreciates “green” gifts. There are plants for the green thumb gardeners on your list, as well as some great choices for people who are horticulturally challenged.

Antherium – Lava Rock-Hawaiian Volcano Plant

Here’s a unique gift for any gardener on your list. The Hawaiian Volcano Plant™ is a Red Anthurium that has been specially hybridized to grow as a trouble-free houseplant. It is planted on a responsibly harvested, hand-selected volcanic cinder that has been blessed by a Kahuna (a spiritual leader of the Hawaiian community) to bring joy and prosperity to anyone who possesses it. Each rock is unique and original and provides an excellent habitat for growing exotic plants. The Red Anthurium will continue to flower when grown in bright, indirect light, and the flowers last for weeks. Keep the lava rock in a shallow saucer of water. The lava will soak up water like a sponge, making an ideal growing medium for your plant. Each plant sells for $19.95.

Otaara ‘Fragrance’

Otaara ‘Fragrance’ is a beautiful little cattleya orchid that has classic flowers that are delicate pink with magenta highlights, a magenta lip and a yellow throat. The flowers have a very sweet fragrance and last two to four weeks. Plants are shipped blooming size, but each plant may not yet have its blooming spike. Otaara ‘Fragrance’ is shipped in a 4-inch decorative gift basket and sells for $24.95.

Blooming Stephanotis Ring

A Blooming Stephanotis Ring is a spectacular flowering plant for the holidays, featuring white clusters of 2-inch blossoms that are delightfully fragrant and very long lasting. The sweet floral scent is reminiscent of true jasmine (this plant’s common name is “Madagascar Jasmine”). In its native habitat, Stephanotis floribunda is a climbing tropical vine. It can be grown indoors as a houseplant during colder months and placed outdoors during the summer months. Shipped in a 5-inch pot, each Blooming Stephanotis is trained on a 12-inch ring and has five or more flower clusters. It should bloom again in late summer. This beautiful plant was featured on the Martha Stewart Live show, and you know how picky she is! ($39.95)

Tillandsia ‘Belize Bulbosa’

This rare and exotic tropical plant is a member of the bromeliad family native to Belize, Central America. From the pseudobulb center grow several long green tendril-like leaves and a pinkish-red flowering inflorescence. Each Belize Bulbosa is shipped in a fibrous tree fern pot (measuring 3 inches high by 3.5 inches wide) with the flower initiated. As an epiphyte, or air plant, Tillandsia ‘Belize Bulbosa’ feeds through its leaves, not its roots. This plant grows best in bright, indirect light and needs a thorough misting or watering twice a week to stay healthy. Each plants sells for $14.95.

Tacca integrifolia ‘White Bat Flower’

White Bat Flower makes an unusual gift because it is such a conversation piece. Each of the exceptionally large flowers is 5 to 8 inches across and has long tendrils that hang from it. Once the plant is mature, the flowers will bloom successively for months. Taccas have large, beautiful foliage and prefer to be grown in low light with good air circulation. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, and White Bat Flower will delight you with its exotic flowers and dramatic look. Plants in a 4-inch nursery pot sell for $24.95 each.

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