Fortify Your Garage to Prevent Theft

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Forget the front door. The vast majority of homeowners who have an attached garage use that as their main entrance to their house . It is practical and safe and especially convenient when it’s raining outside. Garages are also the prime storage spot for a homesteader or farmer. This is where all the things we don’t use on a regular basis get stored, such as power tools, farm equipment, and other expensive machinery.

Sadly, burglars know this, too. That’s probably why they will attempt to go through the garage to get into your house. Of course, they might just stop there and swipe all your valuable equipment. Thankfully, there are ways to reinforce your garage door. These tips apply to your home’s garage as well as your workshop.

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Bring Your Remote Inside

Consider this scenario: You have two cars. Each has a garage door remote. You head off on a shopping trip, leaving one car parked outside. A robber creeps up, gets into your car, and uses the garage remote to gain entry. He’ll be in and out with your things in a flash.

Solution? Shrink your remote. You don’t need a huge clicker anymore; instead, get a small fob for your keychain that you can carry with you. There are also smartphone apps that let you open the door with your cell . Very smart.

Add More Lights

Like cockroaches scurrying away in the kitchen, most thieves will dash off if they’re blasted with lights — we’re talking really bright lights on motion sensors. As an added bonus, these lights flashing on can also act as a deterrent to uninvited, four-legged guests.

Keep the Windows Covered

Windows on garages or workshops are great for ventilation and natural light, but that doesn’t mean you have to show the world your business 24/7. Just as in your home, those windows should have blinds or shades. A translucent film applied to the glass provides the same kind of blockage. A robber who can’t see something valuable is less inclined to go through the effort of trying to get it.

With that in mind, be sure to break down any boxes from new electronics or tools. Don’t just put them on the curb for trash pickup; if you do, everyone who comes by will know exactly what you just got.

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Reinforce Damaged Panels

Have you or someone you love backed into your garage door, causing a dent in a panel? It happens. However, it also becomes a potentially compromised spot that a burglar could exploit, especially if left unattended. Most people shy away from this repair because they think they will have to replace the entire door, which is expensive.

What most homeowners don’t realize is that you can replace panels in your garage door without replacing the whole thing. You could take this on as a DIY project, or leave it for the pros. Either way, be sure to get that panel fixed ASAP. The longer the damage lingers, the more tempting a target your garage can be.

Install Window Bars

A few strategically-placed metal bars on your garage and/or workshop windows will go a long way toward being a theft deterrent. Instead of putting the bars on the outside and ruining your curb appeal, you could place them on the inside. Once fortified, you’ll forget they’re up!

Lock Down and Unplug When Traveling

There are many home security preventive measures you should take whenever you a travel. Along with putting lights on timers and stopping the mail, you should also ready your garage. Unplug the garage door opener, and padlock the latch from the inside. That door won’t be moving at all.

Add a Timer

The moment we get into our cars, the distractions begin. This issue is compounded if you leave home while talking on the phone, so it’s easy to forget to close the garage door after you. A quick fix is installing a timer for your door. Once added, this device will automatically roll down the garage door after a preset amount of time. You’ll never have to ask, “Did I close the garage door?” again.

A little preventive maintenance will go a long way toward keeping your property and equipment safe. Do you really want to make that call to your insurance company after a break-in? Of course not. Fortify your garage and enjoy that peace of mind.