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Reader Contribution by Heidi Nawrocki
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When we started the planning process for our house, Pinterest was in it’s infancy. Once we decided on our floor plan, I started poring over Pinterest for ideas from paint color to kitchen style. It is here where I found the inspiration for our kitchen.

A big pantry was on the top of my list. And our pantry is not only big, but a nice extension of the kitchen. When I’m baking and cooking, I often keep the door open for easy access to the ingredients I need. When the door is closed, this is what we see:

The chalkboard was such an easy and useful addition to a basic two-panel door. I use it to put up our menu for the day. And we also use it for jotting down things for our grocery list. The bottom panel is also painted so that our kids can draw on it while they’re playing and I’m baking.

I purchased the paint from Home Depot for around $10. Throw in a small roller and the project can be completed for under $20 and takes less than an hour. I prepped the surface by simply cleaning it with a soapy sponge and allowing it to dry. I put two coats of the paint on the door, allowing it to dry in between coats.

Once dry, it is imperative to “season” the chalkboard before using it. This is done by using a piece of chalk on edge to essentially color the board. Once the chalk is wiped off with a dry paper towel, the chalkboard is ready to use! We’ve gotten a lot of use out of it. And we still have well over half the can of paint left so we can use it for other projects around the house. I have a vision for a twin bed headboard repurposed into a mudroom coat rack with a small message board. Now to find the perfect piece!

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