How to Build a Hay Feeder for Smaller Livestock

Build a hay feeder in 17 simple steps, and for under $100!

| September/October 2013

Goats, sheep and other small livestock often require special consideration when it comes to hay feeders. Cattle rings and standard bunk feeders are too large and cumbersome to be practical for the small-livestock farmer. Special hayracks and bunk feeders designed for such creatures are often hard to find — and very expensive. Using these simple instructions, you can build a 4-foot hayrack with bunk-type feeder for less than $80 with all new material. Dig through your scrap pile and repurpose materials for even larger savings. This hayrack will accommodate up to 1 1/2 square hay bales, and is designed for easy accessibility for both lambs and adult sheep. It’s also the perfect size for goats, ponies and minis.

We will break down this hay feeder into three main sections, detailing the individual steps along the way. First you will construct the top hayrack, then the bunk feeder, and finally the foundation — with runners for easy moving.

Tool List

1/2” drill with No. 2 bit
3/4” drill bit
Speed square
Reciprocating saw
Tape measure
Bolt cutters
2” nails
1 1/2” and 3” Phillips head wood screws
1 1/2” staples (1” will do, barbed or none)
Miter saw (optional, circular saw will work)

Materials List

(6) 8-foot-long 2-by-4 boards cut as follows:
(3) 4’
(2) 2’
(2) 17”
(2) 3’6”
(2) 4’1 1/2”
(2) 4’3”

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