Cold Weather Farming Outerwear

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I had a hard time figuring out a really warm and farming friendly coat that would work well in cold and snowy weather. I mean, I know there are lots of great coats out there by Carhartt and companies like them, but I’ve never been able to afford that. I lust after some of the stuff from Rosie’s Workwear, too, but again, too expensive for me.

I think I’ve really become a cheap Yankee, finally, after only 20 years of living in New Hampshire. Farmers are a pretty frugal bunch, though, aren’t we?

My criteria were that it had to be waterproof, warm, and I didn’t want hay to stick to it. I spend a lot of time kneeling in hay, hauling hay, and petting critters who are covered in hay.  It also must be really, really cheap. Those are some stiff requirements!

I finally figured out that really a high quality ski suit was the answer.  How is that cheap, you might ask? Ebay and thrift shops. I find that the type of women who can afford those suits change them often to follow the current fashion trends and improvements in form or style, and they like to try out different colors and fabrics. I can often get one for $20.

The one I’m using right now I bought four years ago, and, despite heavy use, it’s still in great shape. Ski suits are meant to be used! I’ve lost enough weight after farming full time for four years that it’ll  now slip easily over jeans and a sweater. I love how easy it is to put on and dash out quickly. The leggings are meant to go over ski boots, so cover up my work boots just fine.