Rainy Days and Fridays

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Call me crazy (many do) but I like rainy days.  There is something comforting about the sound of rain drumming on the roof, and sometimes a rainy day provides me with a much needed excuse to take some time off.  I love settling into my comfy chair next to the fire place on a chilly, rainy day and reading a good book.  Or taking a mug of hot tea to my desk and writing.

Rainy Day Benefits

A gentle soaking rain rejuvenates and nourishes my garden, the grass, the trees… it cleans the air and refreshes everything.  Rainfall replenishes the water tables so our wells don’t dry up.  Only a couple of years ago many of my friends and neighbors experienced the distress of a dry well; having to buy water in jugs and bottles, or lug jugs to someone who still had water for filling.  Experiencing that really makes you appreciate the luxury of nudging a faucet and having a ready supply of fresh water.  Rain does that for us.

I’ll admit that sometimes rain will mess up planned activities; but that’s life.  It happens.  Have a back-up plan.  Or plan ahead.  Just last week I swapped a couple of days: I scheduled Saturday as lumber stacking day and Friday and work-in-the-shop day.  Friday was a nice day, rain was expected on Saturday, so I switched those two; stacking lumber on Friday and working in the shop on Saturday.  It worked out great!

Storms with torrential rains and high winds can be damaging, lightning can be scary, but a gentle rain is – I think – soothing, inspiring, refreshing.


Fridays have always been one of my favorite days.  I suppose this was born in my school years and reinforced while I worked Monday through Friday and had weekends off.  Friday is a day of expectation; we’re not out yet, but we’re really close!  Then FREEDOM!  Saturday and Sunday are ours to do with as we please.  The weekend is great, but Friday is the teaser, the part that gets the anticipation worked up.

It’s odd how this became so ingrained that it carried through even when I worked a job with rotating days off.  My “weekends” floated through each week, as did everyone’s: it was a prerequisite of employment there.  Tuesday may have been my last work day before my two days off, but I did not feel the excitement of Friday.

These days I set my own schedule; work when I want, play when I want, rest when I want.  Mostly.  Though I do schedule myself to work Monday through Friday, do yard work and home repairs on Saturday and worship on Sunday, it is within my power to flip any of those, except Sunday, around to suit the circumstances.  Yet Friday is still my favorite day of the week.

And a rainy Friday; well that’s just the best!