Learn How to Make Homemade Pizza

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Photo By Karen Keb
If you’ve never had deep-dish pizza, get ready for an experience. One bite of this and you’ll think you’re in one of Chicago’s famed pizzerias.

If you live rurally, you probably haven’t “enjoyed” the convenience of home pizza delivery in years. But there’s no sense crying over lukewarm, mediocre pie — make your own right at home! Homemade pizza is not only delicious, but it can be an adventure. Deciding on a suitable crust, then the mélange of toppings and sauce, and who’s going to do what, makes pizza night an event rather than just another meal. Get cooking the best from-scratch pizza right at home — no tip necessary.


As the vehicle for transporting pizza toppings, the crust is the most important part of this equation. Thick, thin, chewy or crispy, I don’t think I’ve ever met a crust I didn’t like, but the choice usually boils down to the weather: If it’s cold and blustery, maybe a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza — the kind where one slice weighs about a half pound. If it’s midsummer, perhaps a thin, crispy crust gently sprinkled with sweet corn, knobs of fresh mozzarella and garden veggies. As tempting as it may be to pile on the toppings, remember to give the crust a fighting chance. Don’t overload and smother it. Use a light hand when it comes to toppings and allow the crust to bake and crisp.

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The sky is the limit when it comes to pizza toppings – you’re only limited by your imagination. Think about combining sweet and savory foods for some interesting flavors, and remember to always pat dry the toppings before assembling the pizza so the crust doesn’t become soggy. Here are some tasty combinations to try:

• Fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh basil
• Sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, garlic
• Bacon, cherry tomatoes, arugula
• Chicken breast, bacon, red onions, cilantro, barbecue sauce
• Turkey sausage, bacon, mushrooms, Swiss
• Artichoke hearts, onions, red peppers, kalamata olives
• Pesto, sweet corn, tomatoes, basil, jalapeños, fresh mozzarella
• Rosemary-garlic olive oil, chicken breast, red onion, roasted potatoes, mozzarella
• Apples, bacon, sharp cheddar, drizzle of maple syrup
• Shiitake and portobello mushrooms, garlic, herbs, olive oil

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Whether you’re new to baking pizza or an old experienced hand, I’ve presented the easiest methods for the home cook — that means no sliding uncooked pizzas off peels into a flaming hot oven — and flexibility when it comes to baking vessels: baking sheets, pizza stones and cast iron all work. This pizza pie is yours to make!

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Karen is the co-author of Plowing With Pigs and Other Creative, Low-Budget Homesteading Solutionswith Oscar H. Will III. She contributes regularly to the pages of GRIT and CAPPER’s, and owns and operates The Local Loaf, a home bread business that boasts pizza crust as a popular item.