Some Like It Hot

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Extra high temperatures this summer have made watering the potted flowers a chore. However, the sun is necessary for our well being, the growth of all our plants, and all life. Then I read about one more asset: solarization.

A garden without weeds, disease or insects? No way.

This is what they claim for solarization. Here are the necessary steps:

1. Get rid of all growth in the spot you choose, large or small.
2. Work the ground.
3. Smooth and level surface of the soil.
4. Cover with black plastic sheeting or clear, not a blue tarp.
5. Fasten down edges of plastic so it is taunt against soil
6. Must have at least 6 hours of hot sun daily for 6-8 weeks.

Theoretically you should have sterilized soil ready for planting. What a boon that would be for raised beds.

Now if I can get out there and clear a spot while the sun is hot …

Photo by Fotolia/lily