Texas Living: 4 Things I Love About the Lonestar State

Reader Contribution by Joe Fortunato
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What makes us love the Lone Star state? It might almost do us better to ask what we don’t like about it. Sure, it has its issues, but Texas might be the greatest state in the nation. Many could argue it offers the best of what enjoying America is all about. Great food, great music, great sports, and great city living. Keep reading on to see why these aspects of the state garner so much love from so many millions of people.

The Music

Image via Flickr by Scott Moore

Texas overflows with music. Go out in any city on any night, and you’re bound to see hear multiple shows as you wander the streets. At the very least, you’ll find locals strumming guitar and singing at the bars. They might even ask you to join, which you should, assuming you have the skills to keep up.

Texas also has many of the greatest music venues in the country, such as Gruene Hall, Continental Club, Carousel Lounge, Beerland, Whitewater Amphitheater, or the Firehouse Saloon. Many of the world’s greatest musicians (and not just country musicians) have performed at these venues.

Texas has also been the birthplace of so many famous musical artists. Some of them may surprise you, such as Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Usher, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Selena, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, Hillary Duff, Destiny’s Child, and plenty of others.


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One of the greatest states for sports fans, Texas offers three NBA teams, two NFL teams, two MLB teams, one NHL team, and seemingly endless NCAA teams. How can you possibly get bored if you’re a sports fan? Texas also acts as one of the greatest states for team spirit. It’s so big, people form rivalries against their own state.

Try checking out a high school football game – that’s where you see the true passion for sports. Professional sports offer plenty of fun and enthusiasm, but those fans don’t have personal investment in the players (usually). At high school games, players mostly play in front of people they know. It creates a whole new level of emotion. If you’ve never been to a high school football game, make a Texas High School your first.

Big-City Small-City Experience

Image via Flickr by Adriano Aurello Araujo

Many people think of Texas as a super right winged state, offering big cities mixed with big country attitude. Whether or not that appeals to you, the reality is even better: It’s all those things, and everything else. Outside of the big, red cities, you find smaller, more homey cities. And, not all the big cities have the attitude most people associate with Texas.

Take Austin as an example. It’s the capital of Texas, and the 11th largest city in the United States, but it has a surprisingly friendly, homey feel. You can go out alone and have the time of your life. Plus, politics often land on a more middle ground than other big Texas cities.

Irving also lets you experience the best of both worlds; it’s a smaller town with a friendlier, homey feel, but it’s close enough to Dallas that you can enjoy all the big city amenities as well. If this already gets you excited, it might be fun to check out some new homes in Irving or Austin.


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If you’ve never had food from the south, you’ll never understand the true meaning of great American food. Sure, you’ll find top-notch restaurants around the country, but in Texas and other southern states, it’s hard to find food that ISN’T incredibly delicious. Not only can you find great food with ease, you’ll also love the price; food in usually goes easy on your wallet.

The Dallas Observer has created an awesome list of 30 essential Texas restaurants to eat at before you die, so you can make sure that you experience only the best of the best. Among some of the choices we find Gaido’s, a 102-year-old restaurant with its Watkin’s Bisque that’s kept people coming back for decades, and Gilhooley’s, which has some of the freshest oysters in the nation. Don’t worry about hitting them all or hitting the right one; wherever you go, you probably won’t regret it

Texas has a lot to offer, and not just because it’s the biggest state in the country. If you’ve never been, take some time out to consider making a trip. You might love it too much to ever leave.

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