Worst Case Scenario 6 Steps to Turn Your Home into a Bunker

| 1/20/2014 11:40:00 AM

Joe KnowsNatural disasters can pop up in a matter of hours, and leave a path of destruction that takes months to clean up. Having a safe place for your family to "bug out" and stay safe till the threat passes is the only way to assure their safety. So how can you turn your home into a bunker? Here are six steps for doing just that. 


Clear out Your Cellar

Cellars are great options for bunkers because they're typically made of solid concrete. If an unexpected disaster happens, you won't have time to prepare the cellar, so you'll want to plan ahead. Clear the cellar of all items and then bring in supplies you'll need in the event you have hunker down for a while. 

Add in Some Food


1/22/2014 7:24:19 AM

Joe, all good preparation points. I don't really have a bunker per se but I do have a food storage room I built over the last couple years. It's been used to store sale food and some preserved garden foods. It is in a part of the basement that would be some what protected from all but the very worst of disasters. A crank radio and a couple led flashlights would be a great addition. I don't really have guns but I have been thinking about a crossbow for hunting in a really long term outage. I don't really have a survivalist mentality and weapons of protection would not be used to protect my stuff. In fact my stuff would be given freely to help out the neighborhood. My thought is we either survive together or go down together. However, if someone would threaten the life of my family, neighbors, or me, all bets are off. ***** Have a great safety, family, bunker, preparation day.