Reader Contribution by Cyndi Watson
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Here I am, asking how do I winterize my coop? I betcha I’m pretty late in the game huh, being it’s almost April. I feel it’s icy cold and the weather seems to be in a frosty-and-not-going-away-soon mode. Well, I am not going away either, at least not yet.

I have projects around the old farmhouse and projects in the next town over. I’m actually using my city girl gifts – to head up a small non-profit project. The project is to be an advocate for those who choose not to speak up, or cannot speak up for, what ever reason. The project also wants to share people’s experiences in the area and help stamp out hunger. I know it’s lofty. I even want to use my cooking gifts to join local farmer markets’ to sell up some salsa, my way. Crossed fingers on that mini project.

All the while, keeping the farm up, caring for my animals, which seem to get dirtier and dustier by the minute from all the running around thye do on the property. Right now, this is some snow pictures to share with you quickly – my view of the farm. At least the dogs eat snow – so in that regard it’s useful.

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