Veterans Day and Christmas Preparations

Reader Contribution by Mary Carton
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One thing about the weather here in the Tennessee Valley during fall and spring, if you don’t like it one day, just wait till the next day. It’s so unpredictable; the weather folks get a lot of ribbing. A prediction of over two inches may net us a quarter inch. I had less than a half inch in two months, then the rain started and late planted soybeans couldn’t be combined for several weeks. You don’t see all of the spillways open on Wilson Dam with the worlds highest lift lock for a week very often. Just listening to the roar of millions of gallons of water coming over the spillway makes you realize of the power of Mother Nature. Sunsets along the Tennessee River this time of year are just spectacular.

Winter wheat is coming up where corn and soybeans grew this past summer. I had a killing frost in October, and then it warmed up. We’ve started Christmas events and temperatures are twenty degrees above normal. I don’t have any short sleeve Christmas T-shirts. The one weekend it was winter-like was the weekend of the dragon boat races on the Tennessee River.

Veterans Day Tuscumbia had a very nice parade sponsored by American Legion Post 31. Honorees were veterans of the Vietnam War. They were escorted down Main Street in style on a float pulled by a restored Farmall B. Stops were made along the parade route picking up the heroes of the war. A program at the courthouse was followed by lunch at the hall.

At the end of November was Christmas in the Country at Lagrange College Site. Those attending were treated to hay rides, fine baked goods, displays of Christmas decorations of long ago and home made arts and crafts.

Christmas is near.  I haven’t started decorating or shopping. The Hooligans have finished their letter to Santa. We have made two attempts to make pictures for their Christmas card, but so far the Christmas bows aren’t lasting longer than a couple of shots.

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