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For about eight years now, we have been building our blogging community here at – an engaged community that reflects our mission of celebrating the rural life while at the same time demonstrating stewardship of the land and goodwill towards our neighbors. That goodwill can be seen on a daily basis as bloggers routinely comment and share ideas on each others’ posts.

In the month of July, GRIT teamed with power equipment manufacturer ECHO to make something new, interesting and cool happen, the very first of what could be many, a sponsored GRIT Blogger Contest. Here’s how it works and where it stands:

There will be two separate winners, and each winner will receive $100 plus an ECHO CS-590 TimberWolf chainsaw (MSRP $399.99) – right up our folks’ alley.

One winner will be the GRIT blogger with the most blog posts in the month of July 2016. The second winner will be the author of the blog post with the most unique pageviews in the month of July 2016. In the event that those two contests result in the same winner, a second winner will be determined by the person who authored the post with the second most unique pageviews in the month.

All qualifying posts must be authored in the month of July 2016. And contest was only open to folks signed up to blog for before July 1. There is still time, so close out the month strong, and get your friends to share your blog posts on social media in July!

Here are the top 3 currently in both categories, as of July 20.

Most Unique Pageviews:

Four Reasons Not to Homestead” by Alethea Wilcox – 2,657 Unique Pageviews

Blackberry Pruning Demystified” by Rachel – 2,622 Unique Pageviews

Mean Ole Rooster” by Erin C. – 1,517 Unique Pageviews

Most Posts in July 2016:

April Freeman – 14 Posts

Marilyn Jones – 6 Posts

Connie Moore – 5 Posts

Rachel – 5 Posts

Not a blogger, but interested in becoming one and taking part in future blogger contests? Send an email to Haley Fisher at

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