Candy Corn Stacking Game

Reader Contribution by Lee Ann
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Yum! Who doesn’t love the sugary sweetness of candy corn? But did you know this is one treat that you should play with before you eat it?!

Legend has it that candy corn is named such because when you stack it up just right, it looks like an ear of corn. This fun game lets everyone of all ages have a hand at trying to create her or his own candy corn ear.

Candy Corn Stacking Game

1) Give each player her or his own bag of candy corn, or bowlfuls of candy in equal proportions.

2) When the leader says “go,” each player begins to stack her or his own “ear” of candy corn.

3) As the stacks fall into the center of themselves, ultimately collapsing, the players have nothing left to do but eat their candy corn.

4) The winner is the player who has the last, tallest “ear” standing.

5) Everyone gets a prize, because they are the only ones who would want to eat the candy corn they have been playing with!

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