Walk With Me

Reader Contribution by Eileen
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Do you like to walk? I LOVE to walk! It was something my mom and I did daily in the last years of her life here. I remember the joy I’d see in her twinkling blue eyes as she’d meet me at the top of the stairs, ready to brave the elements … good or bad. She always “needed her exercise.” And, she was adamant! If the weather was too inclement, she’d march up and down the flight of stairs 20 times. Yes, 20 times. At 80 years young, she never “missed a step!”

Mom and me … always holding hands.

Mom came to live with us in 1986 after my dad passed on. We had a beautiful two-story farmhouse with a separate apartment upstairs. It was perfect for Mom.

Our farm was 160 acres, and our walking path was from the cow pasture down the lane to the woods and back. Most days when she felt OK, we’d make the trip twice, totaling about 2 miles. We’d talk, reminisce, hold hands, or she’d hold my arm as we’d complete our exercise regimen. We’d spot deer, raccoons, squirrels and birds (Mom’s favorite thing!).

All the time our trusty calico cat “Barf” would tag along. That was until she’d get tired and would plop right where she stood and wait for our return trip to join us again!

Our farmhouse and my home.

I SO cherished those walks, and I know Mom cherished the mere gesture of me asking her to walk with me …. It’s an invitation that someone wants your company. It’s a personal verification of your worthiness to them. It’s the opening of the door to many memorable talks. Ones I wouldn’t have missed for ANYTHING!

View from Mom’s upstairs out to field where we’d walk.

It’s the same way with God. He comes to us and asks, “Walk with me?” Some resist because of prior commitments, too full a schedule, or we just plain see no reason to.

I liken that reaction to this. What if the days my mom asked ME instead of the other way around, and I declined, had no time, or “didn’t want to.” It would have truly hurt her feelings. And as my loving parent, I never would overtly want to hurt her like that.

A favorite memory of mine walking with Mom was if she became tired, I’d help her along. And in turn if I’d get tired, she’d do the same for me. If I’d stumble, she wouldn’t just watch me fall – she’d grab my arm, as I would for her.

I think so many people miss their walks with God because they’re afraid if they become tired or stumble, He won’t be there to help them. He expects us to stumble, He knows of the rocky roads, and He delights in our walking with Him.

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