Holiday Guide

By Staff
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Over the years, GRIT has featured many articles that are
handy for planning for the holidays, cooking for the holidays,
and finding gifts. We have gathered many of them in one place with the hope of making the holidays as painless as possible.

Find holiday ideas from other readers and maybe add a few tips and tricks of your own. Or find more holiday-related articles in our archives!

Unique Gifts for Dad

What guy doesn’t like a good gadget, a helpful piece of gear or a whirling gizmo?

Extra GRIT-ty Gifts

Practical and light-hearted ideas for your favorite people.

Tools, Toys & Other Just-Right Joys

GRIT’s Great Big Gift Guide has something for everyone on your list.

Great Gifts for Country Kids

We like some of these suggestions so well, they might even end up on our wish list

Candy Recipes for the Season

Experience sweet success with these easy candy recipes

All the Trimmings

An array of seasonal side dishes adds to anyone’s holiday entertaining

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