23 Ways To Live The Amish Lifestyle Without Being Amish

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Do you love a simple lifestyle?

Do you strive to be closer to nature?

Most of us live hectic lifestyles. With today’s society, we are always go, go, go. If you don’t answer that text message or email back within 5 minutes, you’re almost considered a recluse in today’s day and age. The Amish lifestyle portrays the simplicity and freedom that most of us crave on some level, whether we know it or not. By living on a farm ourselves, we are often forced to take the time to be outside — nice and simple, but are we really enjoying nature? Are we enjoying this life God has given us? Or, are we just taking it for granted? I feel that most of us are doing the latter.

Every day, I think of ways we can achieve the Amish lifestyle, without necessarily being Amish. Whether you live on a farm or in the city, I feel there is something for everyone on this list!

Here are my Amish-inspired tips that will help you slow down in this crazy life.

1. First and foremost … Have faith. I’ll be the first to tell you — things hardly ever go as planned. Sometimes, life is just plain tough. It’s at these moments where having faith is one of the things that helps us get through. As many say, “Let Go and Let God.” I recently read this post from our friends at Her Sword on how to do just that.

2. Learning to let things be what they are. Things aren’t going to be easy — and that’s okay.

3. Be frugal. When you leave the corporate world, you go through a big financial change. Through that, you learn to be frugal and to count every dollar. After a while, you learn that you can live just as well as you did before — at a quarter of the cost!

4. Family. Family is so vital to being happy. I know some of us don’t get along with them … And I sure can’t change that. But, with that being said, we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for the three of us coming together; I don’t know where we’d be!

5. Community. This can definitely be a toughie, depending where you are in the world (and where you are in life). But, what I have found is that by surrounding ourselves with other similar-minded people, it has helped us only grow more. With the community and friendships we have established, we feel more comfortable in the day-to-day and always have someone to lean on for questions or advice if we need to!

6. Grow your own food. Even if you live in an apartment, you can do this. Throw some pots by the window or on your porch. It doesn’t take a lot of space to grow food. Even if you’re just doing a few tomatoes or a couple of peppers, you will still feel so rewarded when those veggies are ready to be picked and eaten!

7. Preserve your own food. Canning/dehydrating/fermenting … whatever it is you want to do … learn how to do it and try your hand at it! Even if you don’t do it every day, it is still a skill that’s wonderful to have in the back of your mind just in case you may need it later on in life.

8. Eat naturally. I know, “healthy” food can get expensive sometimes. What we like to do, besides raising the food ourselves, is look for sales at the local stores. You may not be able to get everything you want that week, but you can usually find some pretty good deals on stuff that will last a while!

9. Learn how to sew. Again, a skill you might not need every single day. But one that is excellent to know!

10. Learn crafts that you can sell. Looking for a way to make some extra cash? Just like to put your hobbies to good use? Take up a craft like knitting or sewing (even baking) and go set up a table at the local farmers market!

11. Use the Bible as your guidebook through life. We all have trials in our life, questions we want answered and advice that’s needed. Go to the ultimate guidebook for those answers — the Bible.

12. Have gratitude. Even when things don’t go the way that you planned, they still happened the way they were meant to. Have gratitude in all situations and your life will be a lot happier and less stressful!

13. Bloom where you’re planted. You may not be in that dream job or in the dream house. But that’s okay. Seize the moment that you are in and do your best in that place!

14. Teach future generations. Everyone has the opportunity to do this. Each and every one of us have someone younger looking up to us to see what our next move is. Teach them gratitude, hospitality, faith … but also teach them skills that they can pass down to the next generations, such as knitting or plowing the fields.

15. Leave a small carbon footprint. While we all love our technology, it’s not doing much for the sake of the earth. By being natural and using natural, you can leave a smaller footprint.

16. Don’t get caught up in the worldly things. Don’t get all riled up about what celebrity did what. Or what new technology just came out that you won’t sleep until you have. Focus on your family and what is happening in your life!

17. Live a simple life.

18. Be welcoming to others. While we are all busy living our lives, it can be very easy to bypass someone new in the neighborhood or in the church. Be welcoming to them. Take the time to introduce yourself and let them know that they are welcome in the community!

19. Be a keeper of the home. All you ladies — this is for you. Keep your home like you were doing it for The Lord.

20. Share your bounty with others/don’t be greedy. Maybe you struck it big this year and got a ton of pears. But, you might not can all 10 bushels you got. Share some with friends or neighbors and pass along the blessings!

21. Respect the elders. There is so much to learn from them. Remember, they’ve been where you are and they can help you with some good advice if you just listen!

22. Work hard, but have fun. Working doesn’t have to be miserable. Have fun working and do all your work unto The Lord! The blessings you will receive will definitely make it worth it!

23. Live for today. Don’t worry about what tomorrow holds — you don’t even know if there will be a tomorrow. Focus on the today that is right in front of you!

Do you have anything you’d add to the list?