Why is Summer the Best Season?

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Why is summer the best season? One editor shares the precious memories of a childhood spent enjoying nature, pastimes, and friendships, solidifying the summer as her favorite time of year.

Summer has always been my favorite season. I know, it’s hot and there are bugs galore. But I can’t help it; I’m a summer lover through and through. And now, this September/October time marks the transition from summer to fall, which is always a bit sad for me. Each year, I watch my favorite season fade away with a tinge of longing in my heart for just a few more weeks of warm weather.

Sure, summertime is busy. Gardeners are doing everything they can to coax produce out of the earth, and farmers are working long and tiring hours in the summer fields. The hot, humid days can be tough on humans and livestock alike, making it a miserable time for everyone. But it’s also full of so many wonderful things.

I relish the long days that give me more time to do the outdoor activities I love, which then fade into cooler evenings, and perhaps a bonfire or two. I look forward to summer solstice, eagerly awaiting that blessedly long sunshine — my favorite day of the whole year. There’s also all the incredibly tasty food that summer brings. As much as I enjoy and appreciate home-canned goods, nothing beats produce fresh from the garden.

In addition to all these “adult” indulgences, I think much of my affection for summer stems from my childhood memories. Because what’s better to a farm kid than the arrival of school-free days spent traversing the rural back roads and country properties? My family didn’t grow crops on a large scale, so besides occasionally helping pick and preserve garden produce, my summers weren’t dedicated to securing a successful harvest or working the hayfield. Instead, I was free to roam about mostly unchecked, and usually barefoot. I’d often hop onto a horse and take to the back pastures to explore for hours on end. I’d come home sometime in the evening, around the time I knew dinner would be ready.

When I wasn’t galloping around the countryside by myself, I was spending time with friends — many of whom were also horse lovers — and we’d collectively journey around our various home turfs. Summertime meant sleepovers and getting to stay up later than normal. We’d get the most out of every drop of daylight and then stay up as late as we could, laughing, pretending, and making a lifetime of fun memories.

So as I savor the current joys of summer and reflect on the old ones, I’m saying a sweet “see ya next time” to my favorite season and turning my attention toward fall. I hope you’re also settling in for cooler days and the eventual slowdown of winter. I’d love to hear how you welcome (or don’t) the transition from one season to the next.

— Allison Sarkesian, Senior Editor

  • Updated on Aug 26, 2022
  • Originally Published on Jul 27, 2022
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