Gifts for Farmers and Ranchers that Promote Farm Work Safety

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Make the farmer in your life happy with a gift that promotes health and safety.

Protecting the health of your loved ones is a priceless gift that you could give in the form of safety equipment for use around the farm.

Stocking Stuffers for Farmers

Small items. Items that make farm activities safer include those as small as quality work gloves, earmuffs that help prevent hearing damage, a war chore coat, or eye protection.

Socks. Stocking stuffer items that can help keep farm workers safe include polyester or spandex socks. The wide variety of brands feature odor resistance and quick-drying synthetic fibers. Some sock brands come with reinforced heels and toes and provide a cushion for feet and legs.

Pocket Knives, Lighting, and More

Other small items that can be important to safely completing farm chores include pocket-knives, flashlights, or LED cap lights.

Pocket knives have many features including scissors, high-quality blades, multiple blades, and bits.

Flashlights. When selecting a flashlight, consider if the light will provide what’s needed for specific tasks. Avoid flashlights that require high-cost or hard-to-find batteries. To determine how bright a flashlight will be, review the lumens number. The higher the number, the brighter the light. In selecting a light for use around the farm, keep in mind that LED lights have a longer life than traditional bulbs.

A heated ice scraper that plugs into a vehicle cigarette lighter may greatly contribute to safety when driving is necessary during frigid or snowy conditions. Different models of these types of scrapers feature extended handles, ice-breaking teeth, an LED work-light, etc.

Weather radios are a great help in maintaining awareness of changing weather conditions in any season. Different brands feature a variety of options and alerts.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes items as standard as quality boots. For traction and durability, consider rubber-soled boots. Brand options include cushioned collars and superior sole traction. An adequate boot must provide support that reduces foot fatigue. Regardless of other features, appropriate boots for farm work must be flexible and comfortable to wear.

Large Gifts and Gifting Equipment for the Farm

Shop upgrades. Larger items that contribute to safe working conditions on the farm include upgraded lighting systems for the shop, storage cabinets, shelving, or a welding table. Other important safety features of a farm shop include hand railings, well-designed stairways, and a shop loft.

Tool repairs. Consider the value of replacing small farm shop appliances or electric tools. Just replacing electrical cords can improve the safety of those working in the shop.

Rollover Protective Structure. Larger gifts that add an important element of safety to farm work include generators, ladders, or a fall protection harness. A Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) will provide a high degree of safety when using a tractor without a cab. If the price of a ROPS is not in the Christmas gift budget, consider giving a new tractor seatbelt, which is also key to safely using a cab-less tractor.

Vacations and mental health support. Most farmers benefit from taking time away from the farm, which makes a vacation package a premium gift when thinking about farm safety. Even a few days in a different environment contributes to the mental health of both the farmer and their family.

Whichever gift is chosen, know that enhancing the safety of working on the farm is a gift that provides a lifetime of benefits.

Loretta Sorensen writes from her home in southeast South Dakota where she regularly develops agricultural safety and health articles for the Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Connect with Loretta on Facebook and Twitter.

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