Getting Back on Track During the Holidays

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For a while I was really on track with diet and exercise. I lost 40 pounds and was feeling strong. I loved my healthy lifestyle of eating right and getting fit. It felt good to have people comment about how good I looked. It is frustrating how easy it is to lose it all. I haven’t been totally off track, but it wouldn’t take much to be fully derailed. 

The thing that slowed me up first was my exercise routine. My back started bothering me more and I did less exercise on account of it. Previously, I had been doing the Bowflex, treadmill, Tai chi, and occasional hikes. I felt good when I had a good routine and I was getting strong. 

Since I have been exercising less, I notice that I am not as strong as I was. This certainly helps motivate me to get back on track. I like being strong. It was a great mental high for me. Now I am just so deflated and discouraged. 

I am hoping my new dog will help get me back on track, but he needs to get better on the leash. As he gets bigger and stronger, I feel it is important for me to be strong enough to handle him. I just need to come up with a way to do my strength training without him being all in my business. He does make it challenging to work out in front of him. 

I was doing great on my Paleo-ish diet, but now I have gained back a little of the weight. I know that if I don’t take action now, it can easily all come back and I don’t want that. I wish I didn’t love fast food and convenience food so much. When I get busy, it is too easy to go for that kind of food. 

I am not going to wait until after the holidays to get back to a good routine. I may make some allowances for a holiday party or holiday meal, but overall it is back to my Paleo-ish lifestyle. A lower carb diet does seem to work best for me. I need to get back to eating my vegetables again.  

I do like real food, but fast food is so much easier. One of my favorite meals is Paleo turkey bacon, broccoli sautéed in coco aminos and a baked potato with grass-fed butter.  I have been eating that more lately and it does hit the spot. A simple meal like that helps motivate me towards getting back to eating real food. 

I have considered the Keto diet, but I do have reservations about it. I have had issues with gallstones in the past and generally a lower fat diet is advised. I would sure miss my potatoes and carrots too. But I have still been looking for a lifestyle change that will lead to me feeling better. I have stomach issues and still have not been able to resolve them even when I had eliminated so many things from my diet when I started on my Paleo journey. 

Writing helps me work through things and I am hoping that writing this will motivate me and keep me accountable. I hope I might encourage others as well. I was doing well for quite awhile. I know that I can do it. I just need to do it and I don’t need to wait.