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3 / 3 today announced the release of the Cluck-ulator smartphone app, the most comprehensive app ever created for backyard chicken owners. The Cluck-ulator helps users make decisions about the composition and management of their flocks and is six tools in one:

Breed Selector — chooses the ideal breed(s) of chicken for each user when the user selects characteristics from a wizard like menu including: type of breed (egg layer, meat bird, dual purpose), laying amount, egg shell color, breed temperament, and four other important criteria.

Breed Photo Gallery — allows users to choose the ideal breed(s) of chicken visually by browsing through an alphabetical list of chicken breeds.

Coop Planner — provides housing requirements including coop and run size, perch space and number of nest boxes needed when the user selects the number of chickens in the flock.

Egg Estimator — provides an annual estimate of the number of eggs a chicken will lay when the user selects the breed and age of that chicken.

Food & Water Estimator — Calculates the daily food and water required for the flock when the user selects the number of chickens, type (egg, meat, dual purpose), growth stage, and ambient environmental temperature.

Poultry Valve Calculator — calculates the water pressure and per cent of valve pressure capacity when the user selects the height of the water column in their wear supply tank.

Users of the Cluck-ulator also have access to other resources within the app including the blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page where information, tips, and other content of interest to chicken owners is regularly posted.

“The Cluck-ulator is a powerful tool for both new and experienced chicken owners,” said Mark Delman, General Manager of, “The inclusion of coop planning, foods and water and other tools in one app truly distinguishes the Cluck-ulator from other apps that only to help users choose a breed of chicken. And it’s free so that everyone can use it.”

The Cluck-ulator is available in both iPhone and Android smartphone versions and can be downloaded respectively from the iTunes App Store and Google Play store. The Cluck-ulator requires an internet connection via either wi-fi or cellular service and can also be accessed via tablets or other mobile devices such as the Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, or Samsung Galaxy Note.

Key Features:
• Search from over 50 breeds of chickens using simple wizard-like interface.
• Calculated food, water, housing and other requirements.
• Estimate egg production now and in the future.
• Calculation outputs in U.S or Metric units.

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