Learning to Tie a Highwayman’s Hitch Knot

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In the past couple of years, I have been having new adventures and learning new things. I really like to keep my mind sharp, and I think learning is a great way to do that. As I get older, it can be a bit difficult at times. My brain does not always want to cooperate. Sometimes something like a simple knot can be a challenge.

I volunteer at an equestrian therapy ranch, and I have been learning about tack, grooming horses, and even washing them. There came a time when it was necessary to tie a horse up using a highwayman’s hitch knot, aka: quick release knot. The person training me tried to show me how to do it several times, but I just could not get it. Eventually we had to give up so we could complete our chores, but I was determined that I had to learn to do this before I went back to the ranch.

I decided to check out the Internet, but I was still not wrapping my mind around how to do it. I knew it was probably a simple thing, but I was having a bit of a block. I asked my husband to show me the knot, and he was unsuccessful at showing me as well.

However, I am definitely not one to give up. I went back to the Internet, determined to get this thing figured out. Something finally clicked and I was able to do it. I checked out a few different websites, but what ended up working for me was found at WikiHow.

After having so much trouble with the simple little knot, it just felt so good to finally get it. I keep practicing it and am ready for when I next need it at the ranch. Now I get that the knot is made with three loops. The first loop goes over whatever the rope needs to be tied to, then a second loop goes through that one, and finally a third loop goes into the second one. One end stays secure, the one that the horse is attached to and then the other end releases the whole thing with one quick pull. What a great knot.

I am sure it may seem silly to some people, but I feel a sense of accomplishment. I am always happy when I learn something new. I sure never want to stop learning.