Everybody Wants to Go Swimming

Reader Contribution by Heather Jackson
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Helloooooo there!

Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow here!

Remember last winter when it was so cold and I swore I would never complain about the heat again? Well I LIED!!! It is HOT in Alabama! Our pond is down terribly low, but I still like to stand in it and that silly pig likes to wallow in the mud at the edges.

The dog seems to be in there as much as the ducks and geese! In fact, I sometimes think she is trying to round up the ducks and geese to keep them from drowning. Or maybe she just likes to watch them scatter. You never know with dogs.

In other news, the farmers say that half of our chickens are either trying to hatch eggs or have little chicks running around with them. So we’re back to “No, Beulah, don’t step on the chicks!” *Sigh* It’s hard to be the cow.

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That’s about it for now! Happy homesteading everyone!

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