19 Clever Uses for Hay You May Be Missing Out On

Reader Contribution by Jamie Cearley and Phd
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Hay production is not for wimps. Don’t let this grueling job merely feed animals in winter. Get more from your hay this year by benefiting from one or more of these creative uses.

1. Spare Seating. Grab an old quilt and this hay couch can be made in a matter of minutes with just a few square bales.

2. Babysitter. Something is just plain captivating about hay (below left).

3. Time out. Hay can be used for one of today’s most popular child discipline strategies (below right).

4. Photography Prop. Try something besides the “leaning against the old barn” scene for pictures. With hay bales the possibilities are endless. Get creative.

5. Egg cushion. No more cracked eggs! Simply place some loose hay in the bottom of a container.

6. Hay ride. So this one is a bit more common, yet little can beat a hay ride on a cool fall night.

7. Substitute for gym membership. Save money and lose weight with hay.

8. Hands-on lessons in history. Have youngsters recreate the Egyptian pyramids, or a Native American burial mound. This is a great way to put learning to a purpose.

9. Physics lessons. Hay bales can teach about basic principles of physics such as gravity, and the laws of thermodynamics.

10. Structural engineering lessons. If there is a future engineer in the family, this is a great place to start. Bigger than Lincoln logs, and more useful than Legos. Not to mention less painful to step on.

11. Bedding for other animals.

12. Find a mate. If a girl or boy enjoys just hanging out on a pile of hay and talking for hours, this is a good indication of character.

13. Saddle rack. Cheap and found around every corner.

14. Cat naps. Even the barn cats can benefit from hay.

15. Making frightening images of a boss or mother-in-law (below left).

16. Keep children from fighting. It is virtually impossible for two youngsters to fight while pushing a round bale (below right).

17. Place to park your bicycle.

18. Art canvas.

19. Music stage. Set up a nice stage for a fall fest. In just a few minutes this stage can be built and decorated with fall décor. Ready to jam.

20. What is the 20th great use for hay? Please share your ideas.

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