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Common Foods and Plants Toxic To Dogs, Cats and Chickens

A photo of Staci Ducharme and her husbandMany people think of cleaners, pesticides and medicine being toxic to animals, however, there are many foods and plants that are common in and around our homes toxic to our animal friends as well.  The following is in no way a complete list, but a list of those items most common.  Additionally, some of the items are toxic in larger doses than others, but it's safest to keep them away from your cats, dogs and chickens altogether.

French bulldogs and a cat

Common Foods and Plants Toxic to Cats and Dogs

Close up of a chicken

Common Foods and Plants Toxic to Chickens

Check with your veterinarian if you have questions regarding any of these or other toxins. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your animal has ingested any of the items listed.

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