Colorado-Based Agricultural Services Company Announces Crop Production Planning Service for 2013

By this time of year, hundreds of thousands of U.S. growers wrestle with the decision of how many acres of each crop to plant next season. To assist growers with their “bet the farm” decision Ag Production Planning Services is launching a new and innovative service targeting mid and large-scale growers with some flexibility in their rotations and crop mix.

Ag Production Planning Services is recruiting several growers in each of six U.S. agricultural regions to participate in a pilot program. The pilot program is free.  It will demonstrate a new and innovative production planning service delivered over the Internet.  The consultant and the grower will work together to develop a crop plan for the 2013 season.  The crop plan will address:

• How many acres of each crop to plant and which crops to plant in which fields.
• How different diversification strategies can affect profitability and production and market risk.
• The best use of labor, operating capital, equipment and other resources such as irrigation, storage (if applicable).
• How much production contracting to commit to.
• The best use of crop insurance.
• Whether to rent additional land and if so what to pay, what to plant and what will be the impact on labor, equipment, credit needs and risk profile.
• Bottom line impacts by changes in forecasted prices, yields or production costs.

Gary Schneider, President and founder of Ag Production Planning Services has years of experience delivering this service in-person on growers’ farms.  Schneider says, “Our planning service is delivered one-on-one by our consultant equipped with our powerful farm planning software.  The service is delivered over the Internet to your office, living room or kitchen table.  Large diversified growers with three or more crop choices and some flexibility in planting decisions should find the service very valuable.  There’s nothing like it.”
At the end of the consultation the grower receives a Production Plan™ that shows the production scenarios evaluated, the one that is most favorable and the reasons why.  The plan can be easily updated prior to final planting decisions to account for changes in markets, weather, input costs, etc.  The Production Plan™ can be shared with an ag lender, partner/landlord, input supply retailer, agronomist, marketing advisor or crop insurance agent. 

Schneider is looking for feedback from the growers who participate in the pilot to help hone the service and the software. “It’s a win-win.  Growers participating in the pilot will be well-positioned for the 2013 crop year.  After developing their crop plan, growers are ready to finalize input purchases, production loans, forward contracts, crop insurance coverage, etc.”
There is no cost to participate in the pilot program.  Participation is limited to three to four growers in each designated region.

Ag Production Planning Services is an agricultural services company located in Masonville, CO.  Its mission is to serve growers by combining its technology, planning methodology and its trained consultants with a grower’s knowledge and experience – providing real-time, on-line, production planning expertise.

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