FURminator deShedding Supplies: Dogs Love Them

Reader Contribution by Hank Will and Editor-In-Chief
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Some time ago, the good folks at <a href=”http://www.furminator.com/” target=”_blank”>FURminator Inc.</a> sent me a little care package containing one of their deShedding Tools, a bottle of deShedding Shampoo and a package of deShedding Dog Treats. I was thrilled because we have six dogs at the farm and they are constantly in need of grooming. In fact, the need for routine grooming is so great that it sometimes just doesn’t happen … imagine a West Highland white terrier that is a greenish-brown that’s not just reminiscent of the color of a fresh steaming pile of ….</p>
<p>Anyway, we have put all three of the products through their paces this mud seas
on and all of us are pleased with the results. First of all, the deShedding Tool is one of the few combs or brushes that our canine crew universally tolerates. And while most of our dogs don’t tend to shed out in clumps, the deShedding Tool has definitely decreased the amount of dog hair flying around the house. I particularly like the deShedding Tool because I can use it to remove some of the caked-on mud and tangled debris with no protest from the dogs.</p>
<p>Of course, good farm dogs know how to devour treats of all kinds. All six of ours love the deShedding Dog Treats, although I can’t say for sure that there is any difference in their coats so far. I know that the anticipation of receiving a deShedding Dog Treat is motivation to jump in my lap for a good working over with the deShedding Tool. Even Gus, our super-sensitive, lean, 50-pound border collie tolerates the tool when a treat is involved … my lap doesn’t totally love that.</p>
<p>Iris, our youngest Westie has been rolling in cow pies so regularly the past couple of weeks that we know she really loves the deShedding Shampoo. We used the entire bottle on her … she was white again last night, but I know she is already green today.</p>

<p>If you struggle with indoor dogs and/or cats that shed, I can’t recommend the deShedding Tool from FURminator highly enough. If you have farm dogs and like to keep them looking somewhat civilized, the deShedding Tool makes grooming easy and a lot more fun.</p>
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