Remlinger Manufacturing Offers PFM Belt-Driven Power Ditchers

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Remlinger Manufacturing offers the PFM belt driven power ditchers in both a center cut and offset model for simple, economical field water control. Cutting ditches up to 12″ deep in a single pass with excellent results in most soil conditions. The spring tensioned self-adjusting belt drive assures proper tension with little down time for service or maintenance, eliminating alignment, adjusting and leak problems usually associated with high PRM chain drive systems.

This strong, durable power ditcher features a unique HP belt drive with a banded belt and tapered bushed sheaves.  The rotor is equipped with labyrinth shielded bearings and four reversible cutting blades which are adjustable from 18″ – 20″ diameters.  Fits category II and III standard or quick hitch systems. 

For more information contact Remlinger Manufacturing, 16394 U.S. 224, Kalida, OH 45853.  Telephone: 800-537-7370, Fax: 419-532-2244.  Or e-mail: