Cut time and costs with the New 36-Volt STIHL Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – No Gasoline. No Emissions. No Power Cord. These are just a few of the benefits offered by this state-of-the-art cordless hedge trimmer. Powered by the advanced 36-volt STIHL Lithium-Ion battery technology, the STIHL HSA helps achieve environmentally responsible hedge trimming with professional results! Ideal for pro users, government agencies, and homeowners who want environmentally responsible performance without sacrificing results, this hedge trimmer is four times quieter than its gasoline-powered equivalent. The STIHL HSA 65 features diamond-ground blade edges for cleaner cuts, and high cutting speeds to trim job times as fast as it cuts fuel costs!

STIHL customers can now rely on the STIHL HSA 65 cordless hedge trimmer in addition to the existing power options for pruning hedges. With zero exhaust emissions and reduced noise, the new cordless hedge trimmer is ideal for use in noise- and emission-sensitive places such as interior landscaping properties, residential areas, public parks, roof gardens, hospitals and municipalities. The STIHL HSA 65 is an excellent choice for users who are not prepared to compromise when it comes to performance, comfort and durability.

“The new cordless hedge trimmer combines first-class cutting performance with outstanding working comfort,” said Jürgen Steinhauser, senior vice president of marketing and sales for the worldwide STIHL group.

The STIHL HSA 65’s 20-inch blade length is a handy working length for most applications, allowing for excellent maneuverability and control for sculpting and shaping as well as for general hedge trimming. Portable and lightweight, the STIHL HSA 65 comes with an onboard hanging slot for easy storage and convenience. A tip protector helps prevent accidental contact.

STIHL Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

The lithium-ion battery used for the STIHL HSA 65 is particularly long-lasting and durable as each battery boasts an impressive 36 volts, ensuring that there is plenty of power on hand to deliver a strong performance with each use. Battery can be charged hundreds of times without any noticeable loss in capacity, so users experience no loss in power.

“Lithium-Ion battery technology has developed swiftly in recent years. The technology is now so advanced that we can offer cordless tools that meet STIHL’s high standard of quality and performance,” Steinhauser said, to explain STIHL’s entry into the highly promising battery technology market.

For more information on the STIHL HSA 65 hedge trimmer, visit the Press Office at or see your local STIHL servicing dealer.

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