Holiday Gifts for Country Kids

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Logiblocs: Electronic Building Blocks That Make Stuff Happen.
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SkyScout Personal Planetarium: Star Search.
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Owl Puke: Dissecting Dinner.
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Real Tools for Young Gardeners: Cultivating Gardeners.
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Quantum Big Screen Microscope: It's The Little Things.
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Radio Flyer Wagons: The Little Red Wagon, an American classic.
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John Deere Gator.

GRIT Magazine’s list of holiday gifts for country kids. Learn about the best holiday gifts for country kids.


Electronic Building Blocks That Make Stuff Happen
Ages: 7 and up
Cost: $20-$80 (cost varies with collection size)
Description: High-tech, interactive building blocks plug together to make burglar alarms for bedrooms, lie detectors, light-tag games, complete with sounds, flashing lights and automated sequences. Each kit includes an Inventor’s Manual and bright transparent electronic blocks that connect into circuit systems.

Where to Buy:

WonderBrains LLC

The Toy Hunt

Real Tools for Young Gardeners

Cultivating Gardeners
Ages: 4-10
Cost: Six-piece tool set $45
Description: These are real tools for real gardeners. They are downsized for young hands and arms, and built well for years of use. Long tools are made from forged steel with hardwood handles (the leaf rake has a plastic head). The six-piece tool collection includes one shovel, one hoe, one steel rake, one leaf rake, one hand trowel and one hand cultivator.

Where to Buy:
National Gardening Association

SkyScout Personal Planetarium

Star Search
Cost: $399
Ages: ‘tweens to adults
Description: This pricey item gets the gee-whiz prize for the season and might be a good gift for the whole family. SkyScout is a handheld device that uses GPS technology to instantly identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more. Simply point the SkyScout at any star in the sky and click – the SkyScout instantly tells you what object you are looking at. The SkyScout includes entertaining and educational audio and text information, including facts, trivia, history and mythology about our most popular celestial objects.

Where to Buy:
The SkyScout

Owl Puke

Dissecting Dinner
Ages: 7 and up
Cost: $13.95
Description: Yuck made fun! Owl Puke will fascinate youngsters with a 64-page book that includes (here’s the yuck part) a real owl pellet (heat-sterilized), a tray to hold the bones children will discover inside the pellet and a chart to help identify the other contents.

Where to Buy:

Dinosaur Excavation Kit

Dinosaur Discovered – T Rex found under the Christmas tree!
Ages: 7-12
Cost: $24.99
Description: Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino Dig Xcavation makes you the paleontologist! This kit has everything you need to excavate “fossils” that form a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton! Then display your model or pose it in fierce battle with other dinos. Dino Dig features a “fossilized” clay block, excavation tools, wax adhesive and modeling stand, plus a 32-page Guide Book featuring a story about Tyrannosaurus Rex, dinosaur facts and history, pages for your own “Dino Notes,” tips for excavation and assembly instructions.

Where to Buy:
Dinosaur SuperStore

Quantum Big Screen Microscope

It’s The Little Things
Ages: 6 and up
Cost: $59.95
Description: Learning is magnified with little stuff in the big picture. No squinting into an eyepiece for little scientists as they examine their specimens on the big screen. Features include: Quantum Big Screen Microscope big 8 1/2-inch viewing screen; 10x, 20x and 40x magnification; eight prepared specimens on two slides, tweezers, an extra light bulb, four slides with slide covers, one stirring rod and one spatula; and prepared slides of 24 different specimens, including animals, plants, insects, textile fibers, tiny creatures and pollen.

Where to Buy:
Leaps and Bounds

Radio Flyer Wagons

The Little Red Wagon, an American classic
Ages: 1½ and up
Cost: $59.50. The model No. 18 wagon has been in continuous production for over 70 years, an American toy industry record.
Description: Rediscovered by each new generation, the Radio Flyer is a favorite with families across the country – escorting baby sisters, new kittens, Grandma’s groceries and coveted doll collections through the nation’s neighborhoods. The shiny workhorse wagon hauls plants and garden tools, baseball equipment, picnics and portable lemonade stands. That same little wagon has served faithfully as a Conestoga wagon, spaceship, racecar and pirate ship. Remember where the Radio Flyer used to take you?

Where to Buy:
Use the Radio Flyer store locator at www.RadioFlyer.com/Buy/HowToBuy.html.

John Deere Power Pull Tractor and Trailer

Just like Dad’s
Ages: 3 to 7
Cost: $269
Description: Introducing the first battery-powered, children’s ride-on tractor for the littlest farmer. The famous green tractor travels at 2 ½ or 4 ½ mph plus reverse. The John Deere 12-volt battery-powered pull tractor with trailer is just right for helping with the outside chores.

Where to buy:

John Deere Gator

Because farm tours and chores are more fun with a friend
Ages: 3 to 8
Cost: $299
Description: A perfect pint-sized rig for backyard exploration, this sturdy two-speed ride-on features a gigantic dumper bed with a tailgate that opens, super-sized 14-inch wheels and adjustable seats.

Where to buy:

Published on Nov 1, 2006

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